·      Administrative

o  Contributes to the development of policies and procedures for both staff and families.

o  Establishes an effective working relationship with private and public agencies including schools and licensing agencies.

o  Helps to determine future goals of the department and works with the Executive Director to develop or modify systems to meet these goals.

o  Attend all and lead all allied health meetings or delegate as appropriate.

o  Lead the interviewing and hiring process for new employees.

o  Oversee the implementation of processes for new requests for services and intakes

·     Diagnostic

o  Oversees the administering of communication assessments and/or communication skills screening to clients as part of the intake assessment process, complete written reports and present at intake meeting

·      Supervisory

o  Supports with the onboarding process for of all new employees.

o  Works with the Senior SLPs, SLPs and OTs to monitor staff performance on an ongoing basis.

o  In collaboration with the therapists, assures that all staff performance variables are measured and remedied in a timely fashion

o  Ensures that annual staff evaluations are completed and presented to each therapist.

o  Refers sensitive client and family issues to Executive Director as needed.

o  Ensure communication with the Executive Director in regards to staffing needs and upcoming staffing needs in a timely manner.

·      Clinical/Educational

o  Supports therapists in supervising clients and any personnel and caring for their physical, emotional health and safety, recognizing their worth, affirming their abilities, and striving to promote dignity in all relationships.

o  If needed, establishes a Peer Review process to monitor client/consumer progress and the coordinate the design and implementation of programs to decrease challenging and increase appropriate competing behaviors.

o  Responsible for monitoring and assuring that all client/consumer performance variables are measured and remedied in a timely fashion.

o  Helps therapists oversee the implementation of ACE®

o  Supervises therapists in monitoring client/consumer progress and program issues so that clients are provided with:

o  A written program for each ITP objective as it relates to speech. Programs should contain teaching and treatment procedures that are documented as effective interventions in literature.

o  Programs should emphasize positive behavior change procedures.

o  All educational programs use ACE® curriculum as appropriate.

o  Ensure that data are entered and updated.

o  Ensure that all speech goals are observed regularly and modified as necessary such that student’s make maximum progress.

o  Function-based treatments are in place for each challenging behavior that is identified as critical for the independent development of the student.

o  Appropriate behavior to serve a similar function as the challenging behavior is taught and reinforced.

o  Ensure that all relevant staff are trained in implementation of program.

o  Program implementation and clients/consumers are observed regularly and frequently in all locations/environments for procedural integrity and provided feedback to implementers based on observation. Assures staff retraining as necessary in program implementation

o  Is responsible for training and monitoring speech objectives and data systems to ensure that progress is made and that lack of progress is met with timely changes in teaching strategies.

o  Assisting with clients as needed and if therapists aren’t available.

o  Attend, participate in, and lead staff development for therapists or delegate to them as appropriate.

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