Manages day to day activities of Oriental kitchen, preparation, coordination, and distribution/delivery of food items to outlets and functions to improve productivity, quality, service, and creativity while maintaining hands on approach.

Delegates and assigns responsibilities and levels of operational authority within the Section.

To continuously research current market trends and device menus based on guest requirement.

To implement goals, budgeted financial results and objectives of the Section.

Introduce, monitor, and assess cost control and cost reduction measures on continuous basis.

To achieve maximum utilization of material, equipment, and staff for quality of food.

Maintain warm, professional, and regular relationship with tenants/guests/customers and suppliers to ensure a prompt and high standard of service.

Handle suggestions and complaints by tenants/guests/customers and process and refer requests/complaints to relevant section heads to ensure they are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Maintains effective communication on the activities of the Department with other operating departments within Hospitality/Food and Beverage in order to provide best service to guests.

To maintain good morale, teamwork, and communication within the team.

Reviews Departmental annual training Plans and monitors applications and progress of the approved plan. Manage, train and assist the team to ensure maximization of productivity.

Ensures that employee’s suggestions /comments/ grievances are handled promptly and fairly. Evaluate the performance of the team and administrate a personal development program to provide well trained employees at all levels, thus improving standards, motivation and creating succession.

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