Job Title: Senior Facility Engineer (Project Management for

FEED/EPC/Facility Study)

Reports to: Technical Department ManagerDepartment: Technical DepartmentLocation: Abu Dhabi Office / Offshore

Responsibilities and Duties

He will be responsible for overseeing the end-to-end project lifecycle (Feasibility / Select Study, Pre-FEED

/ FEED, EPC) from project initiation to completion as a project manager and will manage the EPC / FEED

contractors and ensure adherence to project goals, scope, timeline, and budget.

Skills of strong leadership, communication with contractors, and reporting to the technical manager will be

essential to successfully navigate the challenges of the oil and gas project landscape.

Senior Facility Engineer’s main duties and responsibilities will include:

• Developing, optimizing, and evaluating processing schemes to meet the project requirements and

environmental regulations of oil and gas products for the green field development. Also, ensuring

that all approved EPC / FEED contractor’s procedures are implemented and verified on a regular

basis by communicating with the EPC / FEED contractors as necessary.

• Getting a project quote and evaluating the proposal by communicating with potential EPC / FEED


• Monitoring the progress of the EPC / FEED contractors to ensure schedule and cost compliance,

identifying, and taking corrective actions where necessary.

• Overseeing and coordinating the procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning, testing, and

start-up of surface facilities.

• Reviewing the deliverables from the EPC / FEED contractors and reporting efficiently in a timely

manner (on a weekly basis) and proactively to the technical manager on project activities,

deviations, and achievements. Based on the technical manager’s instructions at each time,

PowerPoint, Excel, Word, or Email should be used to make the internal reports.

• Monitoring and troubleshooting the performance and operation of surface facilities, and

implementing corrective actions and improvements as needed.

• Ensuring compliance with safety standards, quality controls, industry codes, and company policies

and procedures.

• Keeping abreast of new technologies and best practices in the field of surface facilities engineering.


• Bachelor or Master degree in Engineering related to facility, Project Management, or a related field.

• Minimum of 10 years’ experience in facilities design, construction, and operations of production

facilities as a Facility Engineer, out of which 5 years should be in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry.

• Experienced in all stages of the facility engineering project as a lead (Feasibility / Select Study, PreFEED / FEED, EPC).

• Proven track record of successfully managing complex projects from initiation to completion.

• Should have a strong engineering / design background and should be able to effectively manage

subcontractors for ensuring successful project delivery.

• Strong understanding of project management of FEED / EPC (creating SOW, developing a

schedule, grasping necessary documents for FEED / EPC etc.).

• A strong knowledge of oil and gas production processes, equipment, systems, and standards.

• Problem-solving orientation with the ability to navigate challenges and adapt to changes.

• Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

• A strong sense of teamwork, communication, leadership.

• Fluent in English language, both in verbal and written. Presentation skill.

• Any locally or internationally recognized professional certifications and affiliations are considered

as a plus (such as PMP (Project Management Professional) certified etc.).

• Meets with UAE visa requirements

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