HyperOS It is not only designed for mobile. The company is also updating up 24 new devices to this new self-developed operating system, which includes televisions, smart watches and even speakers.

The goal is to create a more closed ecosystem and better integration between brand products. And this is precisely one of the key features of HyperOS. The company's new operating system, which runs on Android, has features that allow connection between more than 200 categories of devices, including smart cars.

At the moment, however, the improvements that come with HyperOS to Xiaomi televisions, smart watches and speakers are unknown. However, it is likely that some of the improvements we have already seen in the company's smartphones will be added, including greater overall system speed, better storage optimization, more customization options and more.

List of televisions that will update to HyperOS

The list of televisions that will update or are already updating to HyperOS It is quite extensive. You can check if your device is eligible for update or if the update is already available by accessing the system settings. These are the compatible models.

  • Xiaomi TV S 85 Mini LED
  • Xiaomi TV S 75 Mini LED
  • Xiaomi TV S 65 Mini LED
  • Xiaomi TV S 55 Mini LED
  • Redmi MAX 100 2025
  • Redmi Smart TV A32 2025
  • Redmi Smart TV A43 2025
  • Redmi Smart TV A50 2025
  • Redmi Smart TV A55 2025
  • Redmi Smart TV A65 2025
Xiaomi HyperOSXiaomi HyperOS

Watches that will receive the update

Xiaomi has also confirmed that the following watches will update to HyperOS soon. They are the following.

  • Redmi Watch 4
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 8

HyperOS compatible smart speakers

Finally, we reiterate, HyperOS is also coming to a large number of the brand's smart speakers. The list below.

  • Xiaomi Smart Home Screen Pro 8
  • Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10
  • Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6
  • Xiaomi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8
  • Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker 8
  • Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8
  • Xiaomi Sound Pro
  • Xiaomi Sound Move
  • Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Play Enhanced Edition
  • Xiaomi AI Speaker
  • Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Pro

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