Apple is about to turn off the tap on applications that ask you for access to your contact list. One of the many additions that will arrive with iOS 18 is an option to limit access to your address book. From now on, when an application asks you to sync your contacts, you will have the option to choose limited access or refuse completely.

In accordance with TechCrunchthe iOS 18 beta includes a feature that allows users share only specific contacts with an app. This will prevent social networks and other types of applications that collect data from collecting your information. Now, when an app requests access to your contact list, an additional screen will be displayed with two options: select contacts or allow full access.

If you choose the first, you can choose only those that you need to share. This is important for applications that require access to the address book to function, since the user will have the ability to choose a single contact at hand. The best of all is that iOS 18 will prevent these apps from collecting more data over timea very common practice in social media apps.

The new security options of iOS 18 will reach the entire public with the launch of the operating system at the end of the year. Another important function that the iPhone operating system adds is the possibility of connecting a peripheral without the applications on the network detecting it.

The new iOS 18 will end one of the most common scams

JoyCrédito, drop-by-drop loan app for AndroidJoyCrédito, drop-by-drop loan app for Android

Although the practice of accessing contacts is common on social networks to grow their user base, there are others who take advantage of this function to profit. Such is the case of the Illegal lending apps that extract data from your address book to harass your contacts when the deadline expires.

The criminals who develop these apps They demand access to your contacts and photos on your mobile, even if you never start a loan process. When the user accepts and does not comply with the established deadlines, the lenders They will send WhatsApp messages to their friends or family to intimidate them or spread false information about the user.

Although this practice is more common on Android, iPhone owners are not free from these inconveniences. It is because of that Apple wants to close the door once and for all to prevent malicious actors from profiting from this information.

The iOS 18 beta is now available to all developers. If you don't care about stability or compatibility, you can install it starting today. Otherwise you will have to wait until the end of September 2024, when it is launched for all users.

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