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As an Operation Manager in our firefighting and safety industry company, you will be responsible for overseeing and managing the operational activities to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of products and services to our clients. You will play a key role in optimizing operational processes, managing resources, and ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations. Your role will involve coordinating with various internal departments, such as production, logistics, and customer service, as well as external stakeholders, to achieve operational excellence and meet client expectations.


  1. Develop and implement operational strategies, policies, and procedures to achieve organizational goals and objectives.
  2. Monitor and analyze operational performance metrics, such as productivity, quality, and cost, to identify areas for improvement and implement corrective actions.
  3. Collaborate with the production team to plan and schedule manufacturing activities, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and timely delivery of products.
  4. Optimize inventory management processes, including forecasting, procurement, and stock control, to minimize stockouts and excess inventory.
  5. Ensure compliance with safety regulations and industry standards in all operational activities, promoting a culture of safety within the organization.
  6. Manage and oversee the maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery to minimize downtime and ensure their optimal functioning.
  7. Coordinate with the logistics team to plan and optimize transportation and distribution activities, ensuring timely and accurate delivery to clients.
  8. Foster effective communication and collaboration among cross-functional teams, such as production, logistics, customer service, and sales, to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction.
  9. Monitor customer feedback and address any operational issues or concerns promptly, ensuring effective resolution and maintaining strong client relationships.
  10. Stay updated on industry trends, technological advancements, and regulatory changes relevant to firefighting and safety products and services.

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Saudi Arabia

Company Industry
Human Resources Outsourcing

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Employer (Private Sector)

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Full Time Employee

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