A retail Design and Delivery Manager oversees the planning, coordination, and execution of design projects, ensuring the timely and successful delivery of retail spaces that align with the brand’s aesthetic, functional requirements all whilst relating to the overall space design guidelines.

Client Details

The client is one of the largest developer in KSA, a PIF entity delivering inspiring cultural experiences, world-class residential, commercial and retails developments to celebrate the cultural, historical and touristic landscapes of the region.


Project Planning: Develop comprehensive plans for retail design projects, outlining timelines, resources, and milestones.

Budget Management: Effectively manage and allocate financial resources to ensure that retail design projects stay within budgetary constraints.

Collaboration: Coordinate with cross-functional teams, including sales team(s), architects, contractors, and interior designers, to achieve cohesive and integrated retail spaces.

Design Oversight: Provide guidance and direction to design teams, ensuring that the final designs meet brand standards and customer experience expectations.

Vendor Management: Identify, select, and manage relationships with external vendors and suppliers to source materials and services essential for project execution.

Quality Control: Implement and maintain rigorous quality control processes to guarantee the delivery of high-quality retail environments that align with brand aesthetics and standards.

Construction Oversight: Monitor construction activities to ensure adherence to design specifications, safety standards, and regulatory requirements.

Timeline Adherence: Enforce project timelines and deadlines, proactively addressing any issues that may arise to prevent delays in project delivery.

Stakeholder Communication: Regularly update and communicate with key stakeholders, such as upper management and retail store teams, to keep them informed about project progress and address any concerns.

Post-Implementation Evaluation: Conduct post-implementation reviews to assess the success of retail design projects, gather feedback, and identify areas for improvement in future initiatives.


10+ Years of Experience: A proven track record in retail design and project management, demonstrating successful completion of projects from conception to delivery.

Design Acumen: Strong design sensibility with a keen eye for aesthetics, understanding of current design trends, and the ability to ensure alignment with the brand’s image.

Project Management Skills: Exceptional project management skills, including the ability to plan, organize, and execute multiple projects concurrently, while adhering to timelines and budgets.

Leadership Skills: Demonstrated leadership capabilities to guide and motivate cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration and a positive working environment.

Communication Skills: Effective verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to articulate design concepts, project updates, and expectations clearly to various stakeholders.

Problem-Solving Ability: Strong problem-solving skills, including the capacity to anticipate and address challenges during the design and delivery process.

Budgeting Expertise: Proficient in financial management, with the ability to create and manage budgets efficiently, ensuring cost-effective project delivery.

Vendor Relationship Management: Experience in selecting and managing relationships with vendors, contractors, and suppliers to secure necessary resources for project success.

Attention to Detail: Meticulous attention to detail to uphold quality standards

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