In 1972, Stanley Kubrick challenged the morals of the decade with a film that is still obscene, uncomfortable and hard to watch today. A Clockwork Orange, which told the story of a group of criminals who enjoyed being criminals, was more than just an oddity. It was also a stark and cruel vision of social hypocrisy, all amidst ethical questions that grew stranger and more perverse as the film progressed. Based on the work of the same name by Anthony Burgess, Kubrick created a cinematographic piece capable of challenging conventions and mocking, very directly, of the morality of the Western world.

The film caused a stir and in some parts of the world, it was banned until the 1990s. But the truth is that beyond the scandal that surrounded the plot, full of scenes of explicit violence and a sequence of sexual abuse that disconcerted To the audience, something became clear. Cinema was advancing towards a new era in which its plots and scenes moved away from just being a form of entertainment. With A Clockwork Orange a door was opened — which was never closed again — that showed the worst of human beings through the cinematographic world. Of murders, extreme violence, sexual abuse, nameless horrors. Nothing is missing from the legacy that Kubrick's work left in his wake.

To prove it, we leave you 10 very uncomfortable movies that you can watch right now on streaming. From brutal murders and one of the best films of the new French extremism, to one of the most realistic explorations ever made of the world of psychopaths. The selection covers the most twisted imaginable and also takes it to a painful level that turns cinema into a cruel look at suffering and terror. The point that unites all these stories.

Martyrs (Film)

Pascal Laugier took body horror and used it to tell a terrifying story in which spilled blood fills every scene on screen. But beyond its visual extravagances — of which there are a considerable amount — Martyrs delves into the forms of evil and how they are expressed. Also, in the horrors that human beings can inflict on each other.

With several scenes so violent and brutal that they are difficult to watch, what is considered a shining example of the new French extremism, is terrifying for many different reasons. The main one is to end up showing that monsters and horrors do not have to be supernatural to be fateful. The most twisted message of this unbearable work.

Irreversible (Filmin)

Gaspar Noé took the sexual abuse of a woman — which takes place in real time on camera — to analyze the degradation of the man and his circumstance. Everything, in a brutal reflection about the consequences of violence and debauchery, narrated through footage that runs in reverse on the big screen.

The result is one of the most painful, brutal and horrifying films in history. Noé subjected actress Monica Bellucci to a sequence that went down in history for showing sexual abuse, detail by detail. That, while the camera contemplates the event with coldness and a distance that makes the whole situation more painful. Considered a rare and visceral piece, The film challenges conventions and, at the same time, has become one of the most terrifying films of our time.

The Antichrist (Filmin)

A film by Lars von Trier could not be missing from this list and if we go to absolute discomfort, The Antichrist is at the top of the Danish director's list. Much more so, when you analyze his complicated philosophical and moral background, which makes the story of two grieving parents, in a stark look at greed, desire, madness and dehumanization.

The unnamed couple, played by Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, have lost their son in the middle of a chaotic situation. So they end up secluding themselves in a cabin in a forest, in an attempt to recover from the horror. But everything will get worse, when hatred, resentment and finally violence become the only way in which both can relate. From explicit sex to on-camera castration with pruning shears. Nothing is missing in this work to further the glory of cinematic discomfort.

Don't Look Coming (Netflix)

Adam McKay showed with this film that stupidity can also be something difficult and uncomfortable to watch. Especially if it is collective and much more, in the middle of an apocalyptic event. Which is precisely what happens in this film in which a disaster about to devastate the human race will be the way to demonstrate that the masses, They can be deceived and manipulated. Much more so, when they don't care about that happening.

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