Moana 2 (Vaiana 2 in Spain and other European markets) will be released in November of this year, and Disney has just published the first teaser trailer of your next big animated bet. The first trailer for the new film doesn't reveal too much about the plot, but it does make it clear that it will bring back several elements—and characters—that made the original 2016 feature film so successful.

In Moana 2we will see again Moana getting on his boat to sail the ocean on a new adventure. Of course she won't do it alone, because she will have the accompaniment of the little pig. Puathe rooster Chicken and the demigod Maui. The latter, a favorite of adults and children, makes an impeccable entrance onto the scene, jumping onto the protagonist's boat after arriving there transformed into a shark. His magic hook will surely play a leading role in this story again.

As we already mentioned, the first advance of Moana 2 It does not give many clues as to what forces the young woman to move away from Motunui again. What can be seen in the clip is a scene with Moana being struck by lightning while performing some type of ritual with the other inhabitants of the island. There is also a new crossing with the Kakamorathe pirate coconuts that already appeared in the first film, as well as a very close encounter with what appears to be a gigantic sea monster.

YouTube videoYouTube video

In the technical phase, Moana 2 It seems to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, so there should be no big surprises in this section. As far as the cast is concerned, Royal Cravalho returns to voice Moana, while Dwayne Johnson does the same with Maui. The only other confirmed cast member is Alan Tudykwho, as in Moana will play Heihei.

Moana 2 will hit theaters in November

Moana 2Moana 2

Without a doubt, Moana 2 It is one of Disney's big bets in animation for this year. The film will be released in theaters next November 27 and will try to repeat the success of the original, both critically and at the box office. Let us remember that Moana It was nominated for Best Animated Film and Best Original Song at the 2017 Oscars.

It is worth noting that Lin-Manuel Mirandawho wrote the songs for the first film, including How Far I’ll Gohas not returned for said work in Moana 2. The composer, singer and actor of Hamilton He has been replaced by Emily Bear and Abigail Barlow.

It is also important to mention that Moana 2 It was actually going to be a Disney+ series. However, Disney decided to reformulate the project and turn it into a movie. The decision took many by surprise, especially since the development of a remake of Moana in format live action.

This last project, which would originally be released in mid-2025, was postponed until July 2026. Thus, Disney has sought to give air to the launch of Moana 2 before starting the promotional campaign for the adaptation with real actors. Although Dwayne Johnson will return to the role of Maui in the version live action, It is still not known who will play Moana. What is confirmed is that it will not be Auliʻi Cravalho.

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